The Journey

World Premiere:                 37th Miami International Film Festival - U.S. (March 2020)

Official Selection:               29th Woods Hole Film Festival - U.S. (July 2020) Finalist: Best Dramatic Short

International Premiere:      18th International Festival Signes de Nuit: Paris - France (October 2020)

Official Selection:               20th Anchorage International Film Festival - U.S. (December 2020)

Italian Premiere:                 25th Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival - Italy (December 2020)

South Asia Premiere:         19th Dhaka International Film Festival - Bangladesh (January 2021)

Official Selection:                21st Santa Fe Film Festival - U.S. (February 2021) Finalist: Best Short

Official Selection:                18th Ischia Films of the Year festival - Italy (February 2021)

Official Selection:                10th Julien Dubuque International Film Festival - U.S. (April 2021)

Spanish Premiere:               6th Galapán International Short Film Festival - Spain (July 2021)

Caucasus Premiere:            8th Fresco International Film Festival - Armenia (August 2021)

South Korean Premiere:     18th Cheongju International Short Film Festival - S. Korea (August 2021)

Serbian Premiere:               10th Prokuplje Film Festival – ProFiFest - Serbia (August 2021)

Indonesian Premiere:          7th Bali International Short Film Festival, Minikino Film - Indonesia (September 2021)

Official Selection:                11th Piélagos en Corto International Film Festival - Spain (September 2021)