The Journey

World Premiere:                 37th Miami International Film Festival - U.S. (March 2020) Nomination: Knight Made in MIA Short Film Award

Official Selection:              29th Woods Hole Film Festival - U.S. (July 2020) Finalist: Best Dramatic Short

International Premiere:     18th International Festival Signes de Nuit: Paris - France (October 2020)

Official Selection:              20th Anchorage International Film Festival - U.S. (December 2020)

Italian Premiere:                25th Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival - Italy (December 2020)

South Asia Premiere:        19th Dhaka International Film Festival - Bangladesh (January 2021)

Official Selection:              21st Santa Fe Film Festival - U.S. (February 2021) Finalist: Best Short

Official Selection:              18th Ischia Films of the Year Festival - Italy (February 2021)

Official Selection:              10th Julien Dubuque International Film Festival - U.S. (April 2021)

Spanish Premiere:              6th Galapán International Short Film Festival - Spain (July 2021) Winner:  Official Jury  and Audience Awards, Best Short

Official Selection:              12th The Digital Gate International Film Festival - Algeria (July 2021) Winner: Silver Gate Award

Caucasus Premiere:           8th Fresco International Film Festival - Armenia (August 2021)

South Korean Premiere:    18th Cheongju International Short Film Festival - S. Korea (August 2021) Selection: Closing Film

Serbian Premiere:              10th Prokuplje Film Festival – ProFiFest - Serbia (August 2021)

Indonesian Premiere:         7th Bali International Short Film Festival, Minikino Film - Indonesia (September 2021)

South America Premiere:   7th Guayaquil International Film Festival - Ecuador (September 2021)

Official Selection:              12th FECICAM Festival de Cine Español Emergente - Spain (September 2021) Finalist: Best International Debut Short Film

Official Selection:              11th Piélagos en Corto International Film Festival - Spain (September 2021)

Official Selection:              19th Festival Internacional de Cine de Ponferrada - Spain (September 2021) Recognition: Best Female Performance

Official Selection:               9th Santurtzi Film Festival – Santurzine - Spain (October 2021)

Official Selection:              22nd Mostra de Curtas Noia - GOYA Awards Qualifying Festival - Spain (October 2021)

U.K. Premiere:                     8th World of Film International Festival – Scotland  (October 2021)

Official Selection:               6th Festival Internacional de Curtmetratges de Vila-seca - GOYA Awards Qualifying FestivalSpain (October 2021)

Philippine Premiere:           8th NABIFILMEX Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition - The Philippines (October 2021)

Official Selection:               3rd ALMA, Almassora International Short Film Festival - Spain (November 2021) Recognition: Jury Special Mention

Official Selection:              10th Festival de Cine Kunturñawi - Ecuador (November 2021)

Official Selection:               6th Bizitegi - Homeless Film Festival - Spain (November 2021)

Official Selection:             18th accordi @ DISACCORDI - International Short Film Festival - Italy (November 2021)

Africa Premiere:                10th FICMEC - Festival International du Cinéma et de la Mémoire Commune - Morocco (November 2021)

Official Selection:              27th PREMIOS LORCA – Festival Internacional de Cine de Granada - Spain (November 2021)

Official Selection:               2th URBAN VISIONS Film Festival - Italy (November 2021)

Middle East Premiere:        5th Slemani International Film Festival - Iraq (December 2021)

Official Selection:              21st Aporia International Village Film Festival - S. Korea (December 2021)

D.R. Premiere:                    14th Festival de Cine Global de Santo Domingo – FCGSD - Dominican Republic (January 2022)

Colombian Premiere:          5th Santander Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente – SANFICI - Colombia (February 2022)

Pakistani Premiere:             3rd Gandhara Independent Film Festival - EMPOWERED WOMXN 2022 - Pakistan (March 2022)

Official Selection:              18th Chicago REEL Shorts - U.S. (March 2022) Winner: Judges Award, Best Drama

Official Selection:                1st Subculture Film Festival - U.S. (March 2022)

Official Selection:                2nd Cranford Film Festival - U.S. (April 2022)

Argentine Premiere:            9th Festival Internacional HACELO CORTO - Argentina (April 2022)

Official Selection:                7th Nassau Film Festival - U.S. (May 2022)

Official Selection:                4th Filmserè - Florida International Short Film Festival - Spain (May 2022)

Greek Premiere:                   4th Bolera Film Screenings - Greece (June 2022)

Official Selection:              11th Tracce cinematografiche Film Fest - Italy (June 2022)